Who can see my moments?

It is pretty straight forward. It works like chat groups in messengers. Only the ones you share an album with can view the moments in this very album. So for example, you and three friends of yours are in the album "Roadtrip 2016" only the four of you can see the moments uploaded in there. If you upload moments to another album that you share with your grandma, only you and your grandma can see it. Click on the button "member" in an album to see who else is participating in that album.


Who can see my e-mail address?

No one can see your e-mail. 




Can I comment and describe on moments?

Yes, everyone invited to an album can comment on the moments in there. Moreover, you can add a description to the moments you uploaded or to the moments that are uploaded to an album that you own.



Who has admin rights?

Similar to chat groups in messenger apps, someone is the admin of that very group. In mome's case the person who created the album is the admin of that album. This means this person is able to invite and disinvite others to that album. Moreover, as creator of an album you can delete any moments and change their description.



How can I invite friends to an album?

You have two options. You always find a shortlist of people who you already share albums with. If you cannot find your friend here, just send her a deep-link. You can access your contacts directly through mome (we do not save any of this data!), and send her an iMessage, e-mail or whatever you feel like. If she clicks on the link and has already installed mome, mome will open and she will see the invite. If she is not a mome user, she will be directed to the Appstore or Playstore. After downloading and registering with mome, your invitation will pop-up.


What happens if I delete my account?

If you delete your account all your associated data will be deleted. For example, if a friend of yours invited you to an album and you uploaded moments there, these moments will disappear when you delete your account. We thought this is the best solutions. If you think otherwise or have a different idea, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always happy for feedback.


Where are the servers located?

The servers are currently located in Germany. Especially for Germans data security is kind of a sensitive topic, which is why we decided to locate the servers there. 


Who are the founders?

mome was founded by Wojtek (development), Philipp (design) and Marcel (marketing, finance). All of them just graduated or are about to graduate from college. Additional support do the founders receive from Christian and Jules, who support them marketing wise.


How are you financed?

We are fully bootstrapped and put everything we had into mome - time and money wise. mome is for free as we first want to understand if it is only us and Austria (we made an iOS soft launch there) who love using mome. In order to finance mome in the medium term we are thinking of introducing a print-out service for the albums.